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Swedish outerwear brand HOLLIES Stockholm offers a wide range of qualitative and fashionable down, leather, and lightweight jackets as well as luxurious wool coats and accessories, for both women and men.

Hollies was founded in Denmark in 1962 by Aaron Hollander. The company was given the name Hollander, then a chartered company that traded leather around the world, but in 1971, the company was re-named Hollies. Since the early 70’s, Hollies has been expanding in the market and has gained a respected professional knowledge in all aspects regarding start-to-production.

Today, Hollies is a Swedish family-owned company based in Stockholm with generations of experience in leather and down.

With a sense of detail and good quality, Hollies has created jackets and accessories since its inception. Today, Hollies is a Swedish brand, famous and specialized for its leather and down jackets, of course responsibly produced. At each place, all over the world Hollies has its own control personnel that checks that the quality meets the high standards that Hollies have.

Hollies is a brand for women and men who want good and long-lasting products. Hollies trademark stands for high quality and attention to detail, designed by Swedish designers. Our products can be found in our online shop and in stores all over Sweden and also in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Estonia and Greenland.

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