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Les Deux is the story of a cross-cultural relationship between a political refuge and prep boy. A relationship based on mutual inspiration while embracing the diversity of their respective backgrounds and mentalities. The authenticity of this relationship was carried into what in 2011 became Les Deux. The foundation of Les Deux was always to be indiscriminate of gender, politics, cultural backgrounds, and religious beliefs - we are for everyone.

The vision was to create a niche in the fashion industry based on a dualistic approach that combined the two completely different styles; prep boy Ivy League meeting the unpretentious street fashions. The adventure started with just a t-shirt and evolved into a global brand represented by more than 500 retailers.

At Les Deux we believe in unifying human relations across physical and cultural borders by defining a visionary lifestyle based on compassion, creativity and the freedom to aim high - we make premium apparel.

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